Turning Point Youth Center

Prescott’s premiere service center for at-risk youth, Open Inn’s Turning Point Youth Center provides street and community outreach, assessment and intervention, a seven-bed crisis shelter, life skills training and a Transitional Apartment Living Program for youth.

Turning Point Youth Center’s programming focuses on the empowerment of youth in the community and is unique in its employment of Teen Peer Counselors, many of whom are former participants in the program, to teach preventative life skills. Through this model, Teen Peer Counselors partner with adult staff to design and implement classes that focus on issues relevant to their peers who are currently participating in Turning Point’s services. Topics include substance abuse prevention, food and hygiene for independent living, and survival skills among others.

For more information or to make a referral to Open Inn’s Turning Point Youth Center, please call (928) 778-7900.

If you’d like to make a contribution to Open Inn’s Turning Point Youth Center, click here to make a donation or view our Wish List.

The Friends of Turning Point are a group of local volunteers who provide financial and advisory support to Open Inn, Inc. programs and services in Yavapai County.

Friends of Turning Point:

Michael Weise, President

Patricia Walden

Karen Benson

Jeanne James