Project Safe Place


Since 2005, Open Inn has partnered with the nationally recognized organization, National Safe Place, to provide Project Safe Place services throughout Southern Arizona. Project Safe Place provides 24 hour crisis intervention to youth in their own communities!

Through Project Safe Place, Open Inn partners with businesses, government units, non-profit organizations, and public transit systems who display the yellow and black Safe Place decal. Youth are taught through school and community presentations, media campaigns, and Open Inn’s comprehensive outreach program to go to any place displaying the yellow and black Safe Place decal if they find themselves in a crisis.

Once at the Safe Place location, the youth is connected with Open Inn’s 24-hour Center for Juvenile Alternatives (in Pima County) or Cochise County Children’s Center (in Southeastern Arizona) where a team of staff and volunteers are dispatched to meet the youth at the Safe Place location immediately and provide the help and support necessary.

If you are under 18 and need immediate help through Project Safe Place, please call (866) 520-TEEN (in Pima County) or (877) 520-TEEN (in Cochise County) to find a Safe Place location near you.

For more information, to find out about making your business or office a Safe Place location, please call Open Inn’s Safe Place Coordinator Alice Krohn at (520) 670-9040 in Pima County or Lynna Mros at (520) 456-1000 in Cochise County.

If you’d like to make a contribution to Open Inn’s Project Safe Place, click here to make a donation or view our Wish List.