Upcoming Events

Support Open Inn, Sunday, November 18th for a 12 Hour Marathon Concert!

This year, Open Inn will provide a lifeline of support to more than 12,000 homeless and at-risk youth and their families in Arizona. Together, we can ensure that homeless youth have the opportunity to succeed.

Honored and blessed by Tucson’s support and loyalty throughout the years, Steven Moeckel and Paula Fan are celebrating their 10th year musical partnership by performing a music marathon concert. It’s their way of saying “Thank You” to all Tucsonans who support this important cause that affects our future.

The event, “Playing for the Future” is a 12 hour charity marathon, consisting of 6 two-hour segments, each with a different theme. Full Day passes can be purchased for $50. Segment Passes, are only $10. So plan something fun and different for Sunday, November 18th by bringing your friends and family to enjoy a full day of beautiful music.

Segment Passes: $10 (purchased at the door)
Day Passes: $50 (purchased ahead of time by
calling 520-301-7201)

This Event will feature food and refreshments
from local establishments such as:

Le Cave’s Bakery, Hotel Congress Cup Café, Delectables,
Casa Vicente, as well as a Donation Cocktail Bar and Silent Auction.

Segment I: “the Recital” 10am– 12pm
Brahms, Prokofiev, Beethoven

Segment II: “Youth Orchestras” 12pm– 2pm
Featuring local youth orchestras and musical talents

Segment III: “the Concertos” 2pm-4pm
Brahms, Tchaikovsky Violin & Orchestra

Segment IV: “the Chamber Music” 4pm– 6pm

Segment V: “the Wish” 6pm– 8pm
Choose from a menu of music
for a small donation.

Segment VI: “the Pops” 8pm– 10 pm
Jazz, Mariachi, & some Fiddle