Goodman’s Good Guy

Nancy Panico Recognized as Goodman’s Good Guy and Awarded $20,000 Office Makeover

On May 15, Adam Goodman and the generous team at Goodman’s Interior Structures made an unexpected visit to Open Inn’s Youth & Family Services Center to surprise Executive Director, Nancy Panico, with a $20,000 office makeover.  Nancy was chosen as the Tucson winner of the annual Goodman’s Eye for the Good Guy contest which recognizes an outstanding non-profit executive for their leadership, commitment, & service to Tucson communities.

Nancy was chosen from a list of extraordinary non-profit executives in Tucson and credits the wonderful team of committed staff and volunteers at Open Inn with this recognition.  “A leader is only as strong as the team they support,” she said upon learning of the award.  “I hope that each of us who works at, volunteers for, or supports Open Inn can celebrate this achievement and be proud of the important programs we offer for Arizona’s children & families.”

This honor not only celebrates Nancy’s commitment and leadership but recognizes 2009 as Nancy’s 20th anniversary at Open Inn!  Please consider joining Goodman’s Eye for the Good Guy and each of us at Open Inn in congratulating Nancy on this milestone achievement by making your own tax-deductible $20 contribution to Open Inn today.  Your contribution of any size makes an important difference in the lives of children, youth, and families in Arizona.