Financial Information

Open Inn is a nonprofit, tax exempt organization established in the State of Arizona. Open Inn has an annual operating budget of approximately $3.2 Million and serves approximately 12,000 runaway, homeless and at-risk youth and their families in 7 of Arizona’s 15 counties each year.

Open Inn is committed to the highest ethical standards of fundraising and organizational management and has streamlined administrative functions to allow for the greatest flow of resources into programming possible. Currently, Open Inn’s administrative and fundraising expenses represent less than 5% of the organization’s overall budget. Most organizations, according to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, spend as much as 19% of their overall budget on administration and fundraising.

Funding Sources

Open Inn is fortunate to have the support of Federal, State, County and City government bodies as well private foundations and other funding groups. Their on-going partnership allows Open Inn to continue to provide life changing services for homeless and at-risk youth and their families.

Additional Information

Proof of 501c3 Status:  Open Inn Verification of 501c3 Status

Notice of Certification:  Open Inn’s Qualifying Charitable Organization Determination Certificate

Identification Number & Certification:  Open Inn’s W-9 Form